History of Daio

Created by the passionate romance of our predecessors, "Daio Wasabi Farm"

大王わさび農場開拓当時1 This enormous land of Daio Wasabi Farm, now being visited by many people, was originally a field overgrown with weeds. It took 20 years to complete, and is the result of a major project by our predecessors. A stroll through the farm with a sense of history is sure to reveal the dreams and romance of those who were involved in the pioneering of the area.

Chronological Table of Daio Wasabi Farm

Japanese Era Name Year Historical Moments
Taisho 1915 Founder of Daio focuses on cultivating wasabi fields utilizing the abundant spring water in the fan-shaped area. After two years of repeated negotiations with owners in 5 towns and villages, Daio successfully owns 15 hectares of land. The land, however, was a wasteland of gravel.
1917 Daio successfully owns the land. Starts cultivating the wilderness in March.
1924 Completes the cultivation of Daio's original First Field of wasabi.
1926 Completes the cultivation of Daio Field. Enshrines Daio Shrine in the site.
Showa 1935 Completes the cultivation of its New Field. The land cultivation, which spanned nearly two decades, has brought to a successful conclusion.
1941 Founder of Daio passes away at the age of 55.
1961 Completes the cultivation of the East Field.
1964 Begins raising seedlings of wasabi.
1976 January : Constructs a farm stand. Wasabi becomes available to be purchased.
August : Japanese royals Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visit the site.
1982 April : Constructs its restaurant facility.
1984 Second-generation descendant passes away.
1985 Ministry of the Environment recognizes the three towns in Azumino as "Azumino Wasabi Field Spring Group" as one of the 100 best water sources in Japan.
Heisei 1997 April : Relocates to a new head office building and factory.
May : Newly establishes and relocates its farm stand as a souvenir shop.
2010 April : Renews the souvenir shop.
2015 August : The 100th Anniversary Museum of Daio Wasabi Farm opens.
2018 June 13 : Daio announces the appointment of Sachiko Fukazawa as Representative Director.
Reiwa 2020 April 1 : Daio announces the appointment of Daisuke Fukazawa as Representative Director.
2020 April 7 - May 30 : Temporary closure due to the declaration of a a state of emergency under Article 32, paragraph 1 of the Act on Special Measures for Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response by the Japanese Government. During the temporary closure, the stone walls in the wasabi farm is re-stacked, trees cut down, and renovation work is carried out in accordance with factory HACCP.
2020 December 31 - January 3, 2021 : Temporary closure due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
2021 March 1 : Changes its registered company name to Daio Limited.
2021 April 16 : Renewed and reopened its 3 food / beverage facilities; Daio-An, Restaurant Oasis, DAIO‘s CAFÉ